Training workshop developed since the inauguration of the organ in 2006

“The Children’s Organ”, such is the theme of the work carried out since 2007, based on the in situ instrument built by organbuilder Bernard Hurvy, a mechanical organ in the neo-classical style.

Since then, “l’Orgue Aux Enfants” has been so successful with young apprentice organists and their families that it was necessary to develop this Workshop by scheduling one course per month and of longer duration to which add supervised rehearsal sessions.
It is therefore more than twenty days that the children live with this instrument in collaboration with the Community Conservatory of the Community of Communes Sausseron Impressionists.

A relay is therefore established with the Director of the Community Conservatory so that regular monitoring allows each piano teacher to be aware of the progress of the child at the organ and his attendance.

These training days, under the guidance of the titular organist of the place, Jean-Charles Gandrille, are mainly focused on the technique of playing the instrument as well as on the repertoire pieces to work on and improve in the perspective of the June audition organized as part of a Festival concert.

This Workshop is free for registered children thanks to the grant from the CCSI and the logistical, administrative and financial aid from the Festival! A unique initiative in Ile-de-France.

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