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The Team :

  • Pascal Escande, Founder – Director
  • Florence de Tezan, General manager
  • Damien Maurice, Administration and production leader
  • Cyril Bruna, Communication and project leader
  • Delphine Teriifaatau, In charge of communication and production 
  • Isabelle Gillouard, Press media – Agence Ysée
  • Maité Petit, “Organ for children” assistant
  • Technical Team
  • Karine Dubois
  • Peguy-Anne Houizot
  • Jean-Marie Adell
  • Adrien Alessandrini
  • Eric Andriant
  • Joel Blandeau
  • Eric Capuano
  • Cédric Fischer
  • Mahorie Haberkorn
  • Jean-Baptiste Huguet
  • Pierre Jappelle
  • Mehdi Mazouzi
  • Eric Rosso


About 40 volunteers actively participate in the success of the Festival each year.

The Levasseur Traiteur is an integral part of our team, notably with the management of the “Pause Gourmande” area and all our cocktails.