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Jean-Charles Gandrille was born in 1982. He studied music first at the National Conservatory of Paris Region where he won three first prizes unanimously (Organ, Orchestration and Harmony), and then continued his studies at the National Conservatory Superior of Music of Paris, where he received the Award Orchestration, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue and forms, Analysis and Improvisation at the organ while perfecting in the interpretation of the organ repertoire, getting a medal golden unanimously at the Conservatory of Saint-Maur, and in parallel starting the violin.

Interested in the freedom of improvisation, he won several awards including in the International Improvisation Competition in Organ between 18 and 20 years: the 2nd Grand Prize and Audience Award Chartres contest in 2000 and finalist in being alone also becoming the youngest winner in the history of the competition in this discipline, the 1st prize of Saarbrücken contest in 2001 and the 1st prize and the audience award Contest Yohann Pachelbel of Nuremberg in 2002. in 2006 he won the special prize and the audience award at the International Organ competition Duruflé-Litaize in Paris. As a composer, he has received various international awards for his works: 1st Prize at the Valentino Bucchi of Rome in 2001, the 1st Prize and the Audience Award OFF Competition in Paris in 2002, and the 1st prize unanimously the composition competition for organ Saint-Bertrand de Comminges in 2006. his works include the flute repertoire Pierre-Yves Artaud and his Orchestra French Flute, run by chef Pierre-Alain Biget. He has written for various formations: solo instrument (piano, organ, cello) Chamber Music, flute orchestra, violin and orchestra, and various ensembles. Jean-Charles Robin was named to contest the organ holder Bernard Hurvy of Notre Dame d’Auvers-sur-Oise and performs regularly in concert both in solo organ recital and voice duo formation and organ, violin and organ or trumpet and organ.