The idea of the Auvers-sur-Oise Festival is to bring classical music to places of life or work in order to raise awareness among people who have not yet had access to it, due to lack of means or lack of education. , but also to break down the barriers of traditional concert venues.

In fact, giving and sharing a concert in a workplace means first and foremost bringing music everywhere it is not found and allowing those who sometimes find themselves wrongly excluded from it, that is – say people who say “it’s not for us”, to discover the indescribable emotion!

This lived musical moment is also an opportunity to continue the work carried out for nearly 35 years by associating the mission of discovery and assistance to young artists which will punctuate these quality actions, the first criterion for expressing Art in all circumstances. .

In a word, listening to live music is also the possibility of seeing unsuspected desires awaken in oneself.

Thus several concerts were given, whether on the mail distribution and preparation platform or within companies, car dealerships, factories, canteens, etc.

Thus, the Festival works and regularly leads the group of crèches Cap Enfants in Argenteuil, the company 3M France in Cergy Pontoise, at the Campus Veolia in Jouy-Le-Moutier, Atos in Bezons, the Renault Rousseau concessions in Enghien and Pontoise and Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt …..