artistic and cultural education

As part of the three-year State-Region-Department agreement, the State has given the Festival the mission of implementing a vast artistic and cultural education project. This 3-year project has enabled schoolchildren and the population of rural areas who often have limited access to culture, to benefit from choral practice workshops as part of the Choral Plan and creative workshops, in particular thanks to the voice acting Guy Reibel.

These itinerant actions made it possible to bring together students from several establishments (Vallangoujard, Valmondois, Haravilliers, Berville), particularly during public presentations of the finished work. Innovative educational tools, accessible online in order to continue the work between two sessions with the speakers, have been put in place.

This project was carried out in partnership with the Accentus ensemble directed by Laurence Equilbey, loyal to the Festival for more than fifteen years and one of the most committed professional chamber choirs in the a cappella repertoire, contemporary creation, oratorio and the opera. Founded by Laurence Equilbey more than 20 years ago, it performs in major French and international concert halls and festivals.