FA’club is a financial pillar of the Festival since its inception in 1995 and brings together companies in the Val d’Oise and in the Ile-de-France. His constancy, his loyalty and diversity are a key to the success of the partnership Festival. It is a club of leaders and the cornerstone of the private sponsorship of the Auvers-sur-Oise Festival. Till now, the Fa’club, the first sponsor of the Festival, represents a significant partnership formed by 47 companies and each of them will contribute a sum between € 1,000 and € 4,000.

In an atmosphere where conviviality combines with efficiency, it is animated and led by a Pilot Committee managed by Henri Rousseau, President of Business Parks of the Val d’Oise. When public authorities reduce their contribution, there is no more space to maintain the balance between the high quality and a reasonable price to public. It is therefore essential for an international festival like the Auvers-sur-Oise Festival to turn to find new private contributors.

The objectives

  • The main objective is to create an active circle to sponsor the Auvers-sur-Oise Festival and support all artistic activities, especially for discoveries of young musicians and aids of their recording careers.
  • FA’club wishes to contribute to the development of the national and international reputation of the Festival by means of sustaining concerts of high quality each year and participating in the development of its products.

4 main reasons to be part of FA’club

a) Territorial Implantation. Member companies’ employees of Fa’club who live and work in Val d’Oise / Ile de France can attend concerts which they may never go to enjoy. It makes the company realize his social role and a territorial pride.

b) Creation a relation with institutions. It’s an essential asset for the company to forge a relation with local authorities, local and regional.

c) The act of citizenship. There is a notion of citizenship with the mission that the Festival has always aid young artists of their careers. From Trio Wanderer to Claire-Marie Le Guay and Jean-Frédéric Neuburger and Denis Matsuev in The Masters of Paris, over thirty discs have been published by the Festival and several put into successful orbit in the global musical landscape. It is the strong identity of the Festival.

d) The advantages of Fa’club. The FA’club annually organizes private parties that facilitate the exchange and public relations. Thanks to the advantages offered, companies can organize communication operations by the Festival to discover their preferred customers.

For more information contact us on: festauvers@gmail.com